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Bones Fanfiction: The Pudding Awards

Welcome to the Pudding Awards!

Bones Fanfiction: The Pudding Awards

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Welcome to the Pudding Awards!

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Welcome to the first Semi-Annual Pudding Awards! The first awards site for fanfiction based on the hit TV series Bones.

Twice a year fanfics will be submitted into various categories and judged for Best Angst, Best Drama, Best Squint-Centric, Best Fluff, etc. Each category may have two winners, one multi-chapter and one one-shot.

As the quantity and diversity of the fics increase, so will the categories(if you have any suggestions for categories, and there are enough entrants, the category will be added). If you think your story fits in more than one category, you may do so. Winners will receive a personalized banner/button to post with their fic/on their site, etc.

Why Pudding? Pudding is a reference to the episode Two Bodies in the Lab(1*15) and the pudding Booth eats while he's in the hospital. Not only was it part of a fluffy B/B moment, but a factor in the beginning of a friendship between Booth and Hodgins (PuddingThief! ;)), as well as the inspiration behind many fanfics. Plus, it's cute! Each category in the awards will be represented by a different flavor of pudding.

As of now, the categories are as follows:

Chocolate Pudding Award - Best Angst

Strawberry Pudding Award - Best Fluff

Lime Pudding Award - Best Humor

Vanilla Pudding Award - Best Squint-Centric

Plum Pudding Award - Best Drama

If you have any questions, category ideas, etc. contact me at ataralasse@verizon.net
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